Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Daily Devotional May 29 - You Can Do It

"Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established." Proverbs 16:3

What do you have on your mind that you want God to bring to pass. Ah! You were thinking that if you worked hard enough and you were smart enough you could bring it to pass on your own. There are many things you can accomplish without acknowledging God in your endeavors, but is that the best way to take something in its inception all the way to fruition? Of course not.

Commit your works means to work toward your goal, think hard and make wise decisions. When you do you give God something to work with. Would you really like it if God did everything for you? Do you really think you would enjoy being a clone and not having the ability to make mistakes as well as accomplish great things? We are not clones and God does not do everything for you, but what God does do you cannot do. This is so profound. God gives you the wherewithal to do a great many things, but anything that brings blessing to others and assist the growth of the Kingdom of God, anything spiritual requires God's intervention. That's because we are not spiritual on our own.

Apart from God living within you, your spiritual life is of no consequence, no eternal benefits and no spiritual power. That's why so many alternate religious systems, worldly religions, have religion, tenets of faith, dogma and rhetoric, but the only power is what they can wield with their tongue, a sword or a weapon. Their battle is carnal and doesn't end well. Only that which God ordains lives in eternity with God.

If there is no spiritual foundation then there can be no spiritual growth. And there is no spiritual foundation other than that of Christ. "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."

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