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Daily Devotional January 3 - God thinking

"And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve Him with a willing heart and with a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: If thou seek Him, He will be found of thee;"  1 Chronicles 28:9a

Please read carefully as I reveal more about God-thinking. What started out as a call from God, to start thinking more about the things of God, has become a way of life. God-thinking is about thinking about the things of God and putting them 'on top,' in your mind and taking the things, (the thoughts that take us from or keep us from the very presence of God) and pushing them down into a lesser place in your life until you push them out altogether.

God-thinking is for anyone who wants to get to know God better. It is for those who want a deep and rewarding relationship with Jesus Christ; one that transcends any denominational or religious view of God (that is not from God) in exchange for a view of God built upon faith and trust in what God says about Himself.

God-thinking promotes personal spiritual growth, based on God breathed truths. These God breathed truths from the Word of God are accessed and believed for one purpose; to seek and find more of God.

God-thinking teaches us to trust God only, and to see the world for what it is.

What has happened over the years, is that people have looked in the church for things that can be found in the church, other than God, and they have found them.  Once they find these other things, even things from God, they feel they have found God. They become secure in the thing they have found and not the Maker of the thing that they found.
 In church we can find religion - People find religion and it becomes their God. They follow its precepts and its dogma, its rules and its teachings. They like all the trappings that come with religion. They like all the platitudes that come with being from the right religion or the biggest group or the richest group. But God is not a religion.

In church people can find spiritual gifts - Too many people today, seek the gifts more than the gift giver. The gifts become the thing. The gifts become the relationship. The gifts come before obedience and faith and trust and loyalty and agreement and praise and worship.  But God is not a spiritual gift.

 In Church people can find blessing - There are tens of millions of people that go to church for the blessing and they will find it, because there are countless blessings given out in God's sanctuaries.  But God is not a blessing.

Who among us is coming to find God? Who is seeking for God to reveal more of Himself to them? 
Not for the benefits
Not for the accolades
Not for the notoriety
Not to be noticed
Not to judge ourselves against another
Not to prove something
Not for any reason other than to know God better.
 I wish you could see how much God just wants you to seek Him.
Not just until you are saved
Not just until you are sanctified
Not just until you are filled with the Holy Ghost
Not just until you receive a spiritual gift
Not just until you have entered into the inner court
Not even until you have come into the holy of holies

God wants us to seek Him until He is found and then to seek Him again and again to become better acquainted.  There is nothing about seeking the face of God that we need to learn over and over again. We seek Him diligently and we find Him and once we find Him we seek Him more. We do this to know Him.  And it is better to know Him than to know anything. It is better to find Him than to find anything.  For neither the gifts of God, nor if we gain the whole world, can it be compared with God Himself.

You must come to a place where you seek God, just to find Him.
You must come as you are, but you leave not as you were.
You must let go of your desires, for a time, to have a glimpse of God.
You must forget about what you want, for just long enough to get caught up in the glory of His presence.
You must, for just a moment, lay down your talents, skills, abilities to be in communion with your Maker. God is not easily impressed - you must leave your ego at the door that enters into the presence of God.
You must set aside all the senseless worry, the stress, your debt, your mistakes, your past - all for a moment with the Master.
You must seek to abide in Christ, to be converted and changed and purified, so you can see Him more clearly than before.
You must pray the Holy Spirit will purge you from any part of yourself that would keep you from a divine appointment.
There never was Christianity without seeking and finding God, that's religion.
I intend to ask you to come and seek God just to find Him, but I want to discuss one more part of this experience.

When you go to God to seek Him only, God decides the outcome of the moment, not you and me. God is the potter and we are the clay. It is better that way. 
In the presence of God, if you lay it down - God might take it from you

Sometimes, you aren’t ready to give something up, even if it is hurting someone else or killing you. If you lay it down, you run the risk of having it taken away, like hay in a fire, because God is a consuming fire.  Every time you go into the presence of God, you run the risk of having the hay and the stubble burnt up.  Every time you go into the presence of God, He melts you and scrapes off the dross to leave behind refined silver and gold. Are you OK with that?
In the presence of God, if you lay it down:
God might take it from you
In the presence of God:
God might heal you
I say might, not because of a lack of faith, but out of a reverence for Almighty God, in whose hands we offer ourselves, without having to have God do everything the way we think it should be.  You must get to the place where you trust God despite the outcome.  You must also get to the place where you can trust God for your healing as well. There is nothing spiritual about not wanting to be healed. There is also nothing spiritual about denying the reality of your condition. After all if no one was really sick or hurt they wouldn’t need a healer, would they? God goes through life’s trials with us. To deny the trials is to deny God His place
of going through it with us.  God might heal you, and you need to be ready to receive what God does for you. But if God chooses not to heal you, you must receive this with trust also. Are you OK with what God allows in your life?
In the presence of God:
God might heal you
 In the presence of God:
God might change you by changing the way you think.  God could change the way you think about things. The things that used to matter a great deal, might take a back seat to a new way of thinking.  What you thought you had to have - God may take away the desire, the urge or the inclination.
It is in His presence that things change:
God imparts to you Himself
Power and authority over the things of the world are yours because God makes it so.
Forgiveness flows through you like a flood - you cannot help but to forgive, it’s part of the presence of God.
God whispers to you words of hope, and they sound like this:
  •  It will be alright, I will go through it with you.
  •  It will be OK, you are not alone.
  •  I am with you.
  •  Don't hold too tightly to this world, here or there. The things of the world are slippery.
  •  I love you and will work it out for you.
  •  Stand still and know that I Am.
  •  Your problems will come to an end and I will do it.
  •  Hold on to your dreams, you are not too old, Don't say you can't do what I say you  can. Let's get started, I will carry you through.
  • You are beautiful.
  • Let Me have the alcohol or drug that is robbing you and you will never desire it again.
God speaks the truth when He speaks to you:.
Come, My friend and see what great things I have in store for you. (Are you OK with God calling you friend?) You should be.
Come, My daughter and trust me with your father and your mother, your son or your daughter.
Come, and see the work of My hands.

God inspires you to look beyond yourself to see what can be done, just because God is.
You come to God with the faith you have and in His presence you receive more.

God speaks and creates worlds:
He can speak to your problems and mine and get results.

The best way for you to deal with every facet of your life - every worry - every stress - every problem - every lost child - every dollar of debt - every addiction - every issue you have with your spouse - every problem with your children - every weakness - every indiscretion - every sin - every everything - The best way for you to deal with every facet of your life is to seek God and find Him.

Will you seek God today?  Can you just seek Him?  That's what God-thinking is all about.

For more about God-thinking click here.

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