Sunday, January 1, 2017

Daily Devotional January 1 - Meology or Theology

Happy New Year. I really do wish you the best this coming year. The past is behind, so let's move on. I believe that one way to go into the new year with all the spiritual components available to get the most out of life is to have good theology.

"And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God."  Luke 4:4

Today, I want to deal with the reason why, even believers, struggle to find their way, even when the way has been provided and the road map has been prepared - even though Jesus has gone before us to make a way and Jesus has paid the price for our iniquity so that we could be free to travel forward (in the Spirit) under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit to be and to do all that God has prepared us for and prepared for us.

Even with all that at our fingertips (literally) and in our heart (spiritually), too often, we serve the flesh rather than the Spirit.  It is not easier to serve the flesh than the Spirit, but we have been conditioned to believe it is easier to serve the flesh than the Spirit. And we don't stay (in the flesh) because it is easier to stay in the flesh than to stay (in the Spirit), but we have been conditioned to believe it is.

It is not easier to have our mind filled with the evils of the world than it is to have our mind filled with the things of God, but we have been conditioned to believe it is.

As a matter of fact, we have been conditioned to believe that it is easier to be of the world and to serve the world than to be of God and to serve God, but it is not.

Is it easier to live out life eating whatever you want, whenever you want - than to eat wholesome nutritious foods? Because if you do eat whatever you want, whenever you want, isn't there consequences to that life style that have to be reckoned with, either now or later?

Is it easier to live out life messing around with drugs, hiding from the law, lying, stealing and cheating people, making excuses, writing bad checks, blaming everybody else for your problems, borrowing money from everybody who will listen to how hard you have it - Is it easier to live out a life of sneaking around and hiding than it is to be straight and to live a life of integrity and honesty, and to pay your bills and serve God and your community with a joyful heart and to give to others and make an inheritance for your kids?

Is it easier to give in to temptation than to stand against the wiles of the devil? No way, but every attempt has been made to fool you into believing that it is easier to follow the world than to follow the Christ.

All the demons from hell cringe at the Word I am going to share today, because I am going to uncover a truth, hidden by centuries of people trying to be spiritual without Christ.  I am not going to deal with the unbelieving world, because the unbelieving world has not come to a place where they recognize the Christ, nor does it recognize the authority of the scriptures.  I am going to deal with the two distinct groups withing the Church:

  • Each having a form of godliness
  • Each having (at least) mentally acknowledged that Jesus is divine
  • Each group are Church goers
  • Each are involved to some extent with what the Church is doing and going through
  • Each come to Church for whatever reason, drawn by a sense of the need for the spiritual component.

These two distinct groups are separated by two distinctly different philosophies.
The one has adopted Me-ology
And the other has adopted Theology.

Any system of belief that basis what it believes on anything other than God's truth is Me-ology.  If you are going to go after the things of God - If you are to fulfill your purpose - If you are to walk in the Spirit - If you are to walk the walk and not just talk the talk - If you are going to be about the Father's business - If you are going to operate in the gifts of the Spirit as the Spirit manages His people - You will have to practice Theology.

I want to talk about the Me-ology group for just a moment.  All of us have at one time or another practiced Me-ology. Me-ology must be exposed for theology to take its rightful place in the life of the believer.  Me-ology must be pushed down and out for theology to be put on top and stay there.  Those who are motivated by Me-ology do everything around the premise of 'what is in it for me.'
They want someone to cater to their every need.
They want someone to design a program that perfectly fits them being either: the first or the smartest or the best.

There are people who give so that their name will be printed on the monthly bulletin.
Me-ology teaches to strive to be lifted up.
Theology teaches to strive to lift Jesus up.

Me-ology teaches its converts to strive to be well known.
Theology teaches its converts to strive to make Jesus known.

Theology teaches you to get together for corporal worship while Meology teaches you to get together to fraternize.

Theology teaches its followers to choose the higher path.
Meology teaches its followers to choose whatever path happens to best fit your circumstances.

Meologist have learned how not to be transformed, when God tugs and pulls on their heart.
Theologist seek constant transformation, day by day, and they refuse not the council of the Holy Spirit.

Me-ologist are critical and not easily pleased.
Theologist are content with what they have.

Me-ologist major on the minors.
Theologist major on the majors.

Me-ologist are dependent on themselves and their abilities or their stubbornness to see them through.
Theologist are dependent on Christ.

Me-ologist are fault-finders.
Theologist are God finders.

Me-ologist leave Church disappointed.
Theologist leave Church wanting more.

Me-ologist talk about what should be done while theologist get the job of doing it.

Why does it matter?  Because to be about the Father's business and to do greater things you must have good theology.
Good theology is comprised of sound teaching from God. There are no substitutes and no other sources.  Good theology is composed of these components:

  • Regular systematic (on regular or predictable intervals) study of the scriptures with others.
  • Regular systematic study of the scriptures alone.
  • Regular prayer time with others.
  • Regular prayer time alone.
  • Regular praise and worship with others.
  • Regular praise and worship alone.
  • Regular receiving of teaching under an anointed ministry leader.
  • Regular getting into the presence of God, without your cell phone on.

God ordains the man or woman of God, to deduce, from His timeless Word, certain timely and pertinent points to assist them in life's journey.

At some point in time, you will have to reconcile what you are believing against the Word of God.

Are you a Me-ologist or a theologist?

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