Friday, November 18, 2016

Daily Devotional November 18 - Do You Need Peace In A Storm?

""And let the peace of God rule in your hearts..." Colossians 3:15

If you are thinking, right! You don't know what I'm going through, you are probably right. But I do know that everyone goes through the fire of life in many differing ways. For some of you it might be self imposed from making poor choices. For others it might be that someone mistreated you or defrauded you in some way. And then there is the risk of problems that come with the fall of man and of course your adversary, the devil, is also out to make sure you feel some of the pain.

OK, everybody goes through problems and pain, sometimes tragedy or disaster. How can I have the peace of God in my heart when my world is crumbling?

I do have some advise for those who might be facing something serious, life-threatening or tragic. God knows about your situation.
Yes God allowed it to happen. What are you going to do with what God allowed to happen?
Yes it is unfair. Yes, there seems to be no way out.
Yes it looks like everything you worked for is about to be annihilated. But God is available to vent to about your situation. I know you need more than venting, but don't be afraid to tell God what you really think, how you really feel about your situation, how unfair it is, how abandoned you feel, how miserable you are. God can handle your outbreak of frustration. God can handle your problem too. Turn it over to God. Lay it at the feet of Jesus. I understand that you don't have an offering. God looks deep into the soul and sees your heart. And it is there, in your heart, that God is going to put inside of you His peace. That's right. In the middle of the collapse, God will put peace in your heart.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart for a season. Believe in your heart that God is watching out for you and that it will end well. Allow God to have your attention and your inner man for a moment to place in you forgiveness and mercy and love and comfort and hope. Of course God is just and not everything can be washed away as if it didn't happen. There are consequences in a fallen world, but let God have you and see what I am talking about. Let the peace of God loose in your situation and watch the mighty hand of God work on you behalf. Pray and pray hard for a change in your situation, but don't give up on God. God did not bring this thing upon you. But God will turn it around. God is able and will purify you through this experience. Don't be afraid to let God have all of you. Let your guard down and yield to the power of the Holy Spirit. You need the anointing that comes with true belief. Believe God and let Him work His plan for your life.

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