Monday, October 3, 2016

Daily Devotional October 3 - Let The Word Of God Sink Deep Into Your Soul

""And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God, But while they wondered every one at all things which Jesus did, He said unto His disciples, let these sayings sink down into your ears: for the Son of man shall be delivered into the hands of men." Luke 9:43-44

Jesus is saying the same thing to you.
Jesus has been interacting, communing, healing, delivering, saving, strengthening, rehabilitating, salvaging and empowering men, women, teens and children every day.
Jesus has been wielding the power of God with no restrictions in order to be interactive with you.
Jesus has done so much in so many places that it cannot be recorded.
Jesus has done that much just in your own personal life to get you where you are today.

This same Jesus that is fully involved in your life says, "let these sayings sink down into your ears:" This concept of letting the words of Jesus sink down reveals just how important it is to stay vigilant in hearing from God. Jesus doesn't want us to go to Church on Sunday (or whatever day you worship) and be texting, looking around for the best looking girl or guy in church, reading a novel, looking at your watch or just sitting there tearing the pastor apart in your mind. Nothing will sink down into your mind, to the root of your being, to the depths of your soul, that is just casually heard or understood.

There is a message for you when you hear the Word of God read, taught or preached. That word is personal and you need to hear it and let it sink down deep into your being. Now catch this: It might not be what the pastor, teacher, priest or rabbi is saying that is what you need to hear, but rest assured if you listen carefully you will hear the voice of God speak to you with a message for you that you need to incorporate into your life, deep down in your ears, as Jesus said.

Try it. Test out the theory. It's God's theory. I know you won't be disappointed. Next time you are watching a preacher or evangelist or you are at church, listen attentively; push down and out all other thoughts. Don't be distracted. Turn your phone off, not on vibrate, off. Open your Bible. Don't even look around. Think of it as if you were the only one sitting in the presence of Almighty God and God was getting ready to speak to you. Listen and let each word go deep. Don't fight it. Let your spirit, that part of you that is alive in Christ, let your spirit discern truth from untruth. Let you spirit have a few moments alone with God to be revitalized. Then the truths that you hear, those truths that can be confirmed in the Bible, let them go down deep into your soul, to the root of your being. It will liven your experience in life. You will begin to understand the deep things of God, because it is deep where they are understood and stored for use.

Jesus knows what He is talking about. Let His sayings sink down deep into your ears, be processed by your spirit, then your mind and heart, then deeper into your inner man, and the depths of your soul. You are worth it.

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