Monday, October 31, 2016

Daily Devotional October 29 - How Many Times A day?

""Seven times a day do I praise Thee because of Thy righteous judgments." Psalm 119:164

David spoke of praising God on many occasions and for many reasons. If you were to praise God seven times a day for His judgments and seven times a day for His kindness, and seven times a day for His goodness and seven times a day for His provision and seven times a day for His mercy and seven times a day for His forgiveness and seven times a day for the many wonderful and perfect things that God does for you, you would not have time to stop praising God.

The point isn't how many times a day you praise God, it is that there are more reasons to praise God any times a day than there is time to do it. That's the thing about the salvation experience. You get closer to God and you see more of what God is doing. You see more of what God is doing and you want God to do more of it. As God provides more and more you recognize how God is working His will and you understand more about the economy of God and of course you want to praise Him more.

Praise is inner man recognition of what God is doing in your life.
Praise is an opportunity to communicate with God that you see His unicity and you not only approve, but you are clearly in agreement with what God is doing.
Praise is the personal or corporate outward expression of who God is in your life. The closer you get to God the more often and more perfected the praise.
Praise is your way of saying to God that you commit to following His leadership.
Praise is proof of your internal love for God for all the world to see.
Praise alters destinies.
Praise is recognition that God is in control even when things in your life are out of control.
Praise repairs situations because when you praise God something wonderful, healing and spiritual is given back to you, something unexplainable, invisible but tangible.

When you praise God you don't have to ask for anything. God is ahead of you. All is well. Provisions have already been set aside. What you seek if you were seeking has been dealt with by God who loves you more than you do. It's time to quit complaining and start following God's prescriptions for your finances, health, entertainment, conservation, love and respect for your spouse, children, parents, family and friends.

Think on praise and praise God seven times a day, one day or more than one day. You decide if it is worth your time."

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