Friday, June 3, 2016

Daily Devotional June 3 - Hear The Voice Of God

"I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come." John 16:12-13

The spoken Word of God contained in the Bible is the (Logos) the voice of God written on pages, full of power, unchanging and infallible. Every word in the Bible is the spoken Word of God penned by chosen vessels.

The spoken Word of God spoken into your heart is the (Rhema) Word of God, not written on paper, but written on the tablets of the heart, written in your mind and in you soul.

There are many Christians today that only rely on the written Word of God for their nourishment and inspiration and even though it is true that the scriptures contain all that is necessary for becoming alive in the Spirit and saved from our sins, it was never meant that the Word of God would prevent you from seeking and hearing what God has to say to you personally from and by the Holy Spirit.

The spoken Word of God, written (Logos ) was written for the purpose of guiding you to receive the spoken Word of God (Rhema) the voice of God speaking to you in your heart. There was never meant to be a separation from hearing the Word of God, the Bible, and hearing the Word of God as spoken to you by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is God speaking to you, in the inner man.

If those who were with Jesus were not ready to hear certain things it would make sense that neither are we. Yet, after Jesus went away, He sent the Holy Spirit to continue the conversation between God and man. That is the work of the Holy Spirit today, i. e., to continue the conversation between God and man. If you have any fear at all about conversing with the Holy Spirit, (maybe because of the way you have been taught), you have been unjustly held back from your rights in Christ. The Holy Spirit was sent to continue the work and dialogue that Jesus was doing when He was here. The Holy Spirit is to be embraced and not shunned.

Today, this day, this moment, the Holy Spirit has a word for you. What could possibly keep you from wanting to hear the voice of God? The answer would take volumes to share, but there are two distinct and easily agreed upon reasons why people don't listen to the Holy Spirit. Before I get into that, at least agree that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth and show you things to come.

The first reason people don't listen to or have conversation with the Holy Spirit is; they don't believe in it. You cannot activate dialogue with God unless you believe you can. Many people have been taught that the Holy Spirit is the power of God or that the Holy Spirit is only for charismatics or other silly teachings, but the truth is: the Holy Spirit is God and God lives in you if you are born again and the God that is in you that is the Holy Spirit speaks to you and guides you and show you the way. If it were not true, then why would Jesus say it is true?

The second reason that people don't listen to or have conversation with the Holy Spirit is: they don't want to. That's right many people have heard from the Holy Spirit and they don't like what they heard. They are still swayed by a carnal mind. They have been born again, but when the Holy Spirit speaks to them about what they are doing or where they are headed, they don't like it. The Holy Spirit only speaks truth and you know how much the truth can hurt sometimes, especially if you are involved in something that is sinful or against the ways of God.

You can't hide from the Holy Spirit like you can your spouse, children or co-workers. You might want the blessings of God, as long as they come upon request without any labor or responsibility on your part. But when God speaks to you of those things that you need to break away from or that are hurting yourself or hurting others, you don't like that part. Many people could be talking to God every day but choose not to because they really don't want to hear what God has to say to them.

All of us have been there, but to stay there is not going to benefit you. Hiding from your true purpose and denying your own self your rightful place in the work of the kingdom only wastes time. Do you really have time to waste? When all that God has to say to you is freely given and all day long, every day, and all is for your benefit and the benefit of others, and every Word from God is true and every understood Word of God helps to correct your path, what could be more important than hearing the voice of God?

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