Saturday, June 25, 2016

Daily Devotional June 24 - Do You Like Instruction?

"Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish."  Proverbs 12:1

It's just an observation, but I do believe that today, people avoid instruction or they are adversely affected when the idea arises. Why is that. The best minds of all times were men and women who were instructed; by universities, colleges, institutes, seminaries, even living in natural surroundings and of course the school of hard knocks. But whether they were educated by man or nature, the beset minds seek out being instructed and absorb all they can to better themselves and the society at large.

The Bible instructs us about life in general, the sciences, nature and spirit. In this verse above the Bible is instructing us as to how things will go with you depending on your perspective. If you love instruction, you love knowledge and we know that knowledge increasing our chances of success, (of any kind). But he that hates to be told what to do or that what they did was not right or good, they become brutish, harsh, depressed, unrestrained, addicted.

Why even mention this? It's important that those of you that have an influence on others make an effort to assuage those who fit the "hateth reproof" category to start listening and taking advice. Over the last fifty years each generation has lost some of its will to reach to the top and bring others with them. It seems as if those who are reaching to the top are just wanting to elevate themselves and that is not the godly way.

Little by little we need to take back lost territory and find a new heart for instruction and be instructed and then get on with life mastering it; mastering the sciences, mastering our lifestyle, mastering our households, mastering our business practices, mastering the art of friendship, mastering the art of raising children with excellence, mastering our time. There's nothing wrong with working hard to achieve excellence. Is that what you are doing?

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