Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Daily Devotional April 27 - Knowing God

"Why do you believe what you believe? 

I hope that you can say that you have met the Master; that you have felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit inside of you and that you commune with God, speaking to God and listening carefully when God speaks to you.

There are far too many people who claim to be a Christian but it is only because they were brought up so or decided it would be easier than fighting the family. Knowing God personally is the important thing. If you have any hopes and they are built on speculation or designated to you by the the family religious steering committee, you will have no power to appropriate the will of God in your life or to help others find their way with God.

If you care about your own soul and that of others, ask yourself these simple questions to identify what your core beliefs are. It is in those core beliefs that your inner power and outward actions reflect the living God.

Ask yourself:
How did I come to know that Jesus is who he says he is?
Which is the first principle I adhere to; Church polity or personal Bible study and contemplation? 
When praying do I sense the presence of God in the room I am in?
Do I do things at Church that I have not personally been instructed to do through personal Bible study or inspiration from the Holy Spirit?
Which is more important to me, being liked at Church or believing that I am a true servant of God doing and saying what best reflects my inner inclinations?
Do I complain inside my mind every time I have to go to Church?
Have I made a concerted effort to place myself in the presence of God and try to sense God's presence?
Have I come to God and said these words: "Please reveal to me the truth and please tell me what it is I need to do to be in concert with your will.
Have you ever uttered the words: "Purify me Oh Lord that I can see clearly?"

These are not trick questions and I am not giving out your answers, but one of the principles of godliness is to seek out truth and let the light of that truth be at odds/war with your mind and body. Your spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. 

This next question is so important: Have I ever turned everything off, and found a place of quiet and listened for the voice of God for more than 1/2 hour?" This question I can reveal the consequences. Tens of millions of people are teaching tens of millions of people about God having never given God this kind of attention. It's no wonder that most Christians can't really tell you anything about God. They have given all things in their life more time and more attention than God. 

What are you best at? The things you do over and over again, of course. That's what makes you good at your job and that's what makes you good at knowing God."

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