Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daily Devotional December 27 - Are You OK With Being Perfected?

"The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: Thy mercy, O LORD, endureth forever: forsake not the works of Thine hands."  Psalm 138:8

Do you feel like God is perfecting you?  If not, it is likely that you are not spending enough time with God.  God does so many things for us, in us and through us, but perfecting us is a primary work of God in man.  The perfecting that God is doing is a cleansing of the mind.  The more time you spend with God, the more thoughts about God are generated.  These God thoughts have in them the power to alter your thinking.  And it is through the altering of your thinking that perfection is being performed in you.

As the new year approaches it might be that God is calling you to a closer walk.  It only requires your time, your heart and your mind.  Different attributes of God are revealed when you approach God at different seasons and for different reasons.  For example when you approach God when you are desperate for an immediate fix of some situation, you see Sovereign God working His will through your situation.  When you approach God when you are in need of money you see the God of provision.  When you approach God for healling you see God's miraculous power to heal the body.

When you approach God without any reason except to be close to Him, you see His purity and His light, His holiness and His beauty.  You see the "come unto Me all that labor and are heavy laden," God.  You see beyond your immediate circumstances and start to understand the big picture, the one that includes others as well as yourself.  You see the gentle hand of love reaching into your heart to purify you with God thoughts.  You see the God that created everything and in everything a purpose and a direction.  What God has done starts to make sense.  You get a clearer vision of the end and the middle doesn't look so scary.

When you get even closer you see yourself through the mind of Christ.  You see the beauty of living to serve God and you grasp why you don't have to be the center of the universe to be fulfilled.  Stay just a little longer and the desire to stay gets greater.  The drive to do it your way becomes hollow.  Your spiritual eyes start to focus and you see the bounty that God has provided.  You see the storehouses full of benefits and blessings with your name on it.  You see that what God has already done with you is more than you ever dreamed.  Yor eyes are opened to another dimension and you start to see the connection between your problems and His solutions.  "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth Me," makes sense.  I am the Lord's handiwork and God is the craftsman.  "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me."

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