Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daily Devotional February 6 - Inspired Tools

"Many Christians get to a certain place in the FAITH and, rather than let God work in them and through them, they embolden themselves.

They build a wall around themselves, high and thick.

They close their hearing to the voice of God and harden themselves to the things of God.

They boldly challenge the Word of God and the promises of God cannot come to pass in that environment.  

I am talking about faith today to enlarge your borders - to build you up and strengthen you, by increasing your faith. 

Whatever faith you have, it can be increased, by the Word.

The Word of God is spoken or read and faith is received in the hearing.  Then what was received in the hearing becomes belief that can produce what you believe God for.

“So then faith coming by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17 

There are two type’s of faith:

One is, The Faith, And the other is faith in something.

The Faith is an understanding, by faith, that Jesus is the very Son of God, which is given to us by the Holy Spirit. 

The other kind of faith is what God requires from you if you are to knowingly participate in His plan.
God is God whether you exercise your faith or not, but you and I can only be completed by allowing faith to have its rightful place in your life, and allowing faith to have its rightful place in your life can only be accomplished when you yield your will to the will of God." 

Excerpt from God Thinking XLIII - Inspired Tools - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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