Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily Devotional January 30 - What I Claim To Know

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."  1 John 3:2 

What I claim to know

Could it be that Jesus has a plan
Worth more than we could ever see
Because He knew the end
Written before eternity

Could it be that Jesus planned all along
To see you through your life
That Jesus already knew
What you would face - and at what price

Could it be that Jesus really knows about future
And that yesterday he rolled away the stone blocking your tomorrow
Could it be that Jesus came to earth to demonstrate
That you don’t have to carry your sorrow

Could it be that Jesus sees with ancient eyes
Knowing all that was and is and is to be
So that when we find our self, not knowing what to do
He is there to show us how and to see us through

Could it be that Jesus looks into our day, and not to judge
But to clear us from what we should surely reap
So that we don’t have to pay the price
For living life as wandering sheep

Could it be that Jesus took upon Himself
The shame that surely should of been our own
Just so that we wouldn’t have to give up
Our place in His heavenly home

Could it be that Jesus knows your very pain
That there is not a hurt that Jesus has not felt
Having borne it all upon Himself
Without as much a one speck of sin or guilt

Could it be that Jesus wants to take us home
As friends and not as those who know Him not
As those who know Him well and tell the world
About the One whom Jesus bought

Could it be that Jesus is alive and well
And spends each day drawing us closer still
And as we lift our ears to hear
He speaks to us the Fathers will

Could it be that Jesus sees
Our pride and how we go about our own way
And yet He stands before the Father
Our advocate and defense, despite the way we spent the day

Could it be that Jesus made the days ahead
So that you and I could see His plan
And so we wouldn’t be without hope in the future
He also gave us vision in our inner man

Could it be that Jesus knew
That when you and I would sin
That if He had not died for us
There would be no way to win

Could it be, that Jesus knows
That what we think is who we are
And that is why He sent His Spirit
So we wouldn’t drift too far

Could it be that Jesus’s love
Covers more than sin and shame
And because of what He’s done
We can even call His name

As I ponder all He did for you and me
The question comes to mind, why would he set us free
Knowing, all of us at times, would turn the other way
Knowing at the garden, just one hour we could not pray

It came to me, that what God did
He did because He loved me so
So very much, He died for me
And that is what I claim to know

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