Friday, December 30, 2011

Daily Devotional December 30 - God's Word never fails

"Trust in the Lord..."  Psalm 37:3a

1st Do you believe God said this in His Word?
2nd Do you believe that this Word is true?
3rd Do you understand, by the Holy Spirit the wisdom of the principle?

In other words; have you received the wisdom of the Word from God and have you maintained your faith in it without changing or looking back to reconsider whether you believe it or not?

Has the Word been made alive, so that when you read it you trust it implicitly to perform what it says it will?

You can answer that by answering this. Do you apply the truth that you received from the Word of God to all areas of your life?

We say that we trust the LORD, but do we trust the LORD? I believe that most of us do not trust God the way that we should:
  • Implicitly without reservation
  • With full assurance that Gods Word will be fulfilled
  • Without any doubt
Really there isn't much since in reading on until you believe what God has already spoken to you.  Every lesson - every principle - every truth from God must pass this test in your heart before you can receive the power and authority of the Word.

This test being:
1st Do you believe God said this in His Word?
2nd Do you believe that this word is true?
3rd Do you understand, by the Holy Spirit the wisdom of the principle?

We hear the voice of God through God's Holy Word. We receive the fulfillment of the Word of God when we receive the wisdom of the principle or revelation by the Holy Spirit.  "Trust in the LORD." It is the Word that created the heavens and the earth and all that is within it. It is the same Word that created life itself. 
Now watch this carefully.
God speaks His Word and creates the heaven and the earth.
God speaks into existence light, plants, animals and even mankind.
God can speak anything into existence out of nothing, because there is no resistance.

Where there is no resistance - God's Word flows freely.

When God speaks His Word to you - You have free will to resist or receive.  If you did not resist the Word of God, every Word would be yours.  Every Word would perform its task.  Every Word would bring into existence its purpose.  Every Word would be fulfilled.

Every Word of God that you:
1st Believe God said it.
2nd Believe that this word is true?
3rd Understand, by the Holy Spirit the wisdom of the principle?

No doubt can enter in. No wavering. No trying it out to see how it works. What it takes for God's Word to work its power in you is (no resistance from you).  Listening or hearing in itself will not activate the power and authority of God.  The Word has to be heard - received - believed and trusted for it to have power in you.  You have to trust God at His Word.

Now in your defense:

I believe that all of us have decided in our heart that the Bible is the Word of God.
If not then let's get together and pray about that.
It is a huge step of faith, but it is essential if you are to receive power and authority from God.
By believing that the Bible is the Word of God, you allow the Holy Spirit to use the scriptures to teach you and train you. You allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart by faith.
Believing that the Bible is the Word of God gets you to the place where you can receive understanding from God.  But for the Word of God to create what it says in your life, you have to trust God.

God knows the end from the beginning.  God is not going to allow you to try Him out and test Him to see if God is all He says He is, like trying out a new car. God knows when you are fooling around, and He knows when you are trusting in Him. God knows when your faith is in yourself and God knows when your faith is in Him.  Because God knows all these things, He set His Word up to work for those who trust Him, when they trust Him. This is a principle of God and it can never fail.

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